"This is what a diamond looks
like when you find it on the
ground or "in the rough"...

...not a faceted, perfect marquise
or emerald-cut diamond like you
see in the stores... it's just a shiny
little stone. It takes a keen eye to
see the potential in these diamonds
"in the rough" and to be able to
pick out the ones that will make
the most brilliant cuts.

Prospecting is like a lot like
digging for diamonds... you have
to know what you are looking for, and be able to recognize the
potential in every person you
speak with. You have to be able
to see them for what they WILL
be... not what they are now.

They, too, are often just
diamonds in the rough. "

--Stephanie Johnson-Stovall


Welcome to the change your business has been looking for!


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About Stephanie Johnson-Stovall...

"As far as businesses are concerned...I have done everything under the sun. Amway, Equinox, Excel, Ameriplan, Pre-Paid Legal, Usana, Melaleuca (twice! lol), Young Living, Xango, Vemma, Partylite, Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, Usborne Books, Cognigen, Skybiz, ....ok, you get the picture. I tried over 30 different business, and lost money in almost all of them. I failed miserably. I began to think it was ME.

Then, about 14 years ago, I learned a secret that changed my approach to networking....and the rest is history. I made enough money my very first month with the next business that my husband quit his job and came home, too! It's been a major lifestyle change for us. We've been with the same opportunity for almost 15 years now, and I am now on the Board of Directors. What a difference! We have finally achieved our goals and dreams and to think I almost gave up trying... I'm so very glad I didn't quit!

I really enjoy coaching and teaching others the secrets I have learned that changed my success. I love watching others, who have failed as I had, finally reach their full potential. It feels good to be able to help other networkers finally find their niche."

Client Testimonials

"...(the home-based business I chose) can be very lucrative... provided that you have the right support and you are coach-able.... However, (for me) something was lacking... I just did not have the support and the system which allowed me to run my business the way I thought it should be run as it was promised to me.

 Needless to say I found Stephanie who has been a god send. I love being in this team because I am now getting the training that I need in order to be successful.

--Lou G., VA


"I was on the internet one day, when a pop-up got my attention. I was taken to a website...

I found out that (Stephanie had) made $14,000 in her first month. On top of that, she's a stay at home mom, and only works 2-3 hours per day! That really got me all pumped up, so I got started as soon as I could. Since then, I’ve enjoyed plenty of other side benefits as well: new friends, great vacations, and, best of all, staying home with MY kids!"

--Heather L.,, CT



"When (my current business) crossed my path, I actually had trouble sleeping at night from the excitement it brought me.  I am so grateful to be associated with such a team of winners, who are so down to earth and supportive! I look forward to working with this outstanding team for years to come!"   

--Ryan S.,, GA


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